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Welcome to Calvin Bonner Design.

We're a small design group based out of Grand Rapids, MI. Our mission is to make every brand the best it can be through customer-first solutions. That means we'll perfect and manage every visual representation of your brand to boost traffic and increase conversions - and we'll make sure it's done in a way that you'll love!

We design and develop.

We are craftsmen, we believe in giving everything 110% and dedicating ourselves to ensure you get the best possible product. Plus, when we deliver your product to you, you'll get all the supporting elements you need to maximize your new product's potential. It's all part of how we ensure you get the best, because we all know you deserve it!

We take pride in our work.

We're had the privilege of working with some absolutely fantastic people and we're so proud of the products we've been able to create with them. Check out our portfolio to see some of our favorites.

Check out our blog.

Want to learn more about why we do what we do? Check out our blog for insights on design, development, and to get our thoughts on all of it.

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