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We are Calvin Bonner Design.

We're a small design firm based out of Grand Rapids, MI. Our mission is to make every brand the best it can be through customer first solutions. We design Graphics, Logos, UI/UX, and Websites. We manage SEO Optimization, Marketing, Branding, Servers, Databases, and so much more!

We Design Thoroughly.

We believe in giving everything 110%. When we deliver your final product you'll also get all the extra bits and pieces to make everything work better for you. It's all part of how we insure you get the best because you deserve it!

We Believe in Communication.

Putting you first means ensuring that you are involved in every step in the process. Our products are designed dynamically so they can be changed and updated on the fly. We'll offer options at every crossroads and make sure that your feedback is heard.

We Price Just for You.

We understand that every client we work with has a different budget. We'll help you find the solution that will delight without breaking the bank. Contact us and we'll find the best product for your budget.

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