A refreshed website,
a new marketing plan,
and completely revamped branding.

Gage Crib Worldwide, Inc.

When we approached Wayne at Gage Crib about revamping their web presence, we wanted to ensure that we stayed true to their existing customer base and honor their established brand, while encouraging potential new clients to engage their services and bring their brand into the modern web space.


We started with the foundation of the company's visual language. The new brand mark's design was inspired by one of the company's core products: ring gages. The company's first two initials were then incorporated into that design to create something recognizable and unique.

The colors we selected for the brand were chosen for their known emotional correlations with calm, security, and peace of mind which correlate well with Gage Crib's own mission and DNA.

Finally, we knew we wanted the fonts to invoke a similar emotional response to the colors and have that modern aesthetic that we were striving for. For this reason we chose Basic Sans, a super clean and minimalistic font that we thought really brought the whole brand together.


"Calvin Bonner helped us with redesigning our website. He not only reduced its loading time by implementing the right technology but also ensured that it is attractive and easy-to-use. Two things in particular about his service [are] exceptional: his speed of response to my inquiries and his availability to answer my questions and provide feedback. Secondly he demonstrated a clear understanding of the scope and nature of the project and delivered accordingly. He understands the needs and budgetary constraints of a small business. I am really impressed by his talent and professionalism. I highly recommend him."

- Craig Mete, Gage Crib Worldwide Inc.

When it came to the website, we wanted it feel like a natural extension of the brand we had created. The same decisions we had made in regards to the branding needed to be permeated throughout every page. The company's unique DNA needed to be preserved while improving the user experience and increasing visitor to client conversions. A large percent of Gage Crib's current user base also used legacy browsers, special attention was paid to maintaining compatibility for those users without sacrificing functionality.

Family owned and operated is also a big part of what makes Gage Crib such a unique and helpful business. We wanted to ensure that part of the business was given the spotlight it deserved. Clear photos of the team and family were a huge focus for us along with high quality photos of the product the company supplies to its customers.

On the management side, the team at Gage Crib wanted to be able to make updates to content and documentation on their own. We built the entire site with this in mind. Coded from scratch in PHP, HTML, and SCSS with a MySQLi Database, every facet of the website is updatable. And, with a special admin portal for the site and a custom content editor, it is easy for any team member with access to make the necessary changes.

Another factor to be considered was that, with so much information to convey and translate into this new website, it needed to be delivered in a way that was easy to digest and engaging to the layman user while remaining useful to the thread gage enthusiast. We achieved this by presenting the necessary text in a clearer fashion that encourages reading. We showed snippets of longer sections of text with an option to read more so that scrollers could find what they needed more quickly and invested readers could easily dive deeper.

Mobile formatting and dark-mode were also a must for this project. We made sure the implementation of these features was seamless and lightweight while still being effective.